ATTENZIONE: state visitando il sito dell'edizione 2015. La nuova edizione si trova all'indirizzo

Logo inertia September, 23th24th25th
Opening hours: 9.00 a.m.- 6.30 p.m.


Inertia is the most specialized event in Italy about inert wastes and natural, recycled and manufactured aggregates. Starting from the second edition (2013), it has been expanded and extended to the entire aggregates chain, with a considerable space devoted to the mining sector as well.

Among the most prominent issues Inertia addresses, with reference both to the exhibition and the conference program, there are civil and industrial demolitions, C&D waste selection and recycling plants, use of recycled aggregates, CE certification and marking, earthmoving, mining and specialized plants, excavation materials management, constructions, infrastructures, rehabilitation and upgrading of the housing stock, Life Cycle Assessment.

It will be crown by the participation of foreign delegations, composed by buyers and key interlocutors, who will visit the event to start business relationships with the exhibitors, through exclusive B2B meetings, and the assignment of the M.Sc. and Ph.D. Awards.




C&D waste selection and recycling plants


Use of recycled aggregates


CE certification and marking


Life Cycle Assessment


Civil and industrial demolitions


Excavated materials management


Earthmoving machines


Transport of materials


Quarries and mining


Mining machines and plants


Constructions and infrastructures


Building heritage renewal and requalification


Territory management, planning and safety measures


Environmental insurances, consulting and services


Technologies, projects and funding


Environmental communication


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